Umbrella Foundation

The Umbrella Foundation is an NGO non-governmental organization, which is a statutory organization dealing with education, including mainly the education of 50+ people. FP provides training in: language courses,
computer and psychological, tour pilot course.
We cooperate permanently with the Centre for Senior Initiatives in Poznań, which gave the Academy 50+ the title of a senior-friendly place – awarded in 2012. by the Mayor of the City of Poznań.
Parasol Foundation works in the field of professional counselling and development, supports people who are inactive, unemployed and working on the labour market in Wielkopolska. We work with entrepreneurs and local authorities to activate wasps. provides legal, counselling (including career counselling) and psychological counselling for wasps. at risk of social exclusion.
The Umbrella Foundation has an entry for both to rej. Training institutions and employment agencies – is a specialized entity in professional activation.
Parasol Foundation in 2017 was entered in the register of schools and non-public institutions of the Education Department of the City of Poznań (No. 1/2017) and operates as a Continuing Education Institution Parasol Foundation.